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Not So Typical Ghost Stories

  I thought I would share a couple more wonderful books with you.  I put these two together because they are both ghost stories and they are quite unique.  

First up will be Sensitive by Nina Wright.  It is the sequel to Homefree which I absolutely loved.  Here is the link to my review of Homefree if you are unfamiliar: 

Sensitive by Nina Wright:


Nina Wright delivers another fantastic and fresh book.  I was truely pulled into Homefree and it's sequel is even better.

  Easter Hutton is back and she is now living at Homefree headquarters with her best friend Andrew and her rekindled romance Cal.  Homefree also happens to be a boarding school catering to those with paranormal abilities, but there doesn't seem to be too much teaching going on, or so they think.  They are instructed to go on a haunted tour of the town and a 200 year old ghost with some serious problems seems to have latched on to them.  It would seem that this is bad enough, but they also have to find jobs.  It's not easy for a "freak" to find work and it's not surprising that Easter ends up with a freaky job with even freakier people.  

  As if those problems aren't enough she has to deal with her mothers antics, her freinds impending insanity, her rapidly increasing and consuming feelings for her strictly forbidden love and that STUPID TALKING BIRD!!  

  Wow, not so good for Easter, but so much fun to watch it unfold.  There is just something about these books that I love.  They are so quirky and original and I can only hope for more of them.

  ***Nina, if you find us again, please let us know if/when there will be more books in this series!  I ask on behalf of myself and other fans.  Thank you for writing such amazing books, please keep them coming!*** 

Next up The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh:

                                                                           Night Tourist, The

  A delightful, ghostly romp through New York City with a sprinkling of Greek Myth.  

  Jack lives with his father on the campus of  Yale University.  He mostly keeps to himself and his books, not really paying any attention to the world around him.  He is a serious scholar and one night while walking with his nose in a book he is nearly killed in an accident.  This is where his adventure begins.

  He is sent to a strange doctor in New York City by his father and on the way home he comes across an intriguing girl who calls herself Euri.  She convinces him to follow her through the train station to see it's hidden places and he ends up as a visitor to the Underworld, as in dead people.

  Apparently, anyone who dies in New York can stay as a ghost to haunt and play as they wish, moving above ground through the city's fountains.  This is at first fun until he begins a quest to find his mother, who died there eight years ago.  He has no idea what secret he is about to discover.  There is also the fact that Jack is not dead, and only has a three day pass before he must become a permanent resident.  Not to mention the guards (and the three headed dog, Cerberus) that are determined to shorten his stay, or worse, prolong it.

  This book is magical and exciting, but I must note that to fully understand the end, you MUST "look back" to the beginning.



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Oct. 8th, 2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks for spreading the word about SENSITIVE! I love your reviews and added your link to my HOMEFREE blog.

I don't know what I'll publish next, but I promise to keep on writing fresh fiction!

Nina Wright
Nov. 16th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
I just finished Sensitive and this book is so good! I know throughout both books I didn't like the Mom. I thought she was selfess. But at the end I can understand some of the reason why she acted that way, but I think she should of treated her daughter better. The last page says the end, but I really want to know what the decision was for Cal, Easter and Anderew. Thanks so much for recommending Homefree and Sensitive.
Nov. 18th, 2007 06:10 am (UTC)
Re: Sensitive
I think her mom just didn't know how to handle things. She took what she thought was the easy way out but it turned out to be the hardest road of all. I really hope there are more in the series, too. Notice that the it says "the end" after Homefree, so it's possible there will be more. These are such good books and they are so original.

What are you reading next?

Nov. 18th, 2007 04:15 pm (UTC)
Reading Satisfaction Guarteend. Have way to many manga to get caught up on. But I did start the first page of Tantalize. Hope to read more if it today. Just not feeling well. When I don't feel well I just want to curl up in front of the tv and put something on I can fall asleep to.
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