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Right Turn, Wrong Body!

Here is a sneak peak at a fantastic book that will be hitting the shelves in September. 

I was delighted to hear that Linda Joy Singleton had a new series coming out, and thrilled to get an Advanced Reader Copy of the first book, Dead Girl Walking. I figured it was only right to share. I'm already a huge fan of her five book Seer series, which begins with the book Don't Die Dragonfly. If you haven't read those yet, I highly recommend that you do.  I now bring you one reason to look forward to the fall:

Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton:

Determination and a go-get-'em attitude are things that Amber Borden has always had. So what if most of her advice comes from self-help books, it's how you use it that counts and Amber has her sights set on becoming a famous talent agent. Even though her social status is hovering somewhere near the bottom of the ladder she is determined to not let this get to her and climb her way to the top. Her efforts begin to pay off when she somehow snags herself an invitation to a party at the house of Jessica Bradley, the second-most popular (and second-most snobby) girl in school. Amber is sure that this is only the beginning of her rise to the top. If only she could find her way to the party. It seems like her horrible sense of direction is working to sabotage her quest for greatness. Luckily, her best friend Dustin, a very paranoid conspiracy theorist, is just a phone call away to set her back on track.

Amber's life is just about to move into the fast lane when it all comes to a screeching halt after a tragic accident. When she goes to the great beyond, she reunites with her grandmother who tells her it's not her time to join her yet. She is given directions back to her body, but she makes a wrong turn at the Milky Way. When Amber wakes up, she finds herself in a body that is not her own, the body of Leah Montgomery, the most popular (and most snobby) girl in school.

Amber will soon learn that having money, beauty and popularity are not always a good thing, and they do not guarantee happiness. Taking a walk in someone elses designer shoes isn't always easy, especially when you are being chased by evil forces and racing the clock to save your own body. Not to mention the problems that romance throws into the situation. If Amber is ever going to make things right, she's going to need some help. But who would believe such a crazy story? She's got a lot of work to do, and time is running out.

Dead Girl Walking is a story told with humor, heart, adventure and incredible insight. The characters are endearing and you will want to cheer them on as they search for a place to belong. While you are laughing at the ridiculous situations that Amber gets herself into, you also find yourself touched by the relationships that bind her to so many people. I also must add that Singleton is a master of the cliffhanger, so you will be begging for the next installment. I am exctited to say that there wll be two more books to come.
*all teens can enjoy this book.

Come September, keep an eye out for Dead Girl Walking. Until then, check out Linda Joy Singleton's Seer series, a paranoramal mystery about a psychic girl and her quest to save the lives of those she loves:

Happy reading!!


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